Preparing to shooting
Getting photos, videos
Prices and financial issues

Preparing to shooting

How to prepare for shooting?

Please dress not too brightly, preferably without prints and inscriptions on clothes, and especially small patterns, if this is not provided by photography - in the photo it does not look quite like in real life. Calm tones and 2-3 colors in clothes are an ideal option. It is desirable not to paint too much, but also not a little, it is also worth following. Be sure to discuss the image with a photographer and/or videographer.

Where can the filming process take place?

At your request - on the street or in the studio, in some cases even at home. We will always tell you what is best for the idea of the shooting itself, and be sure to provide you with a list of your favorite locations.

Who and how to book a studio?

Only you can book the studio, because you choose what you like best, and we only help you decide, and this eliminates the need for you to subscribe to our account before the studio shooting.

Regarding the services of a make-up artist, hair stylist?

We can offer to use the services of our make-up artist, but you can also choose an expert for yourself, and in general, whether to use such a service.

Is it possible to rent clothes for shooting?

Yes, we have several outfits, one or a couple of which we can offer you at a symbolic price, but only for our shooting. We can also advise you on certain showrooms and also help you choose clothes and accessories for you.


What time is it best to shooting?

It is advisable to shoot in the morning or in the evening, but generally at any time, so that only the lighting is justified and the sun is not at its zenith. Any daytime is suitable for shooting in many of the studios, the dark hours of the day are rather the exception.

What if it will rain?

No problem, in this case we will have the opportunity to postpone or slightly shift the shooting, if it interferes with the shooting and its script did not provide for it.

What if I can't pose?

We will always tell you how to look the most profitable and beautiful in the frame. With our experience in photography and video shooting, you will definitely be satisfied with what you see as a result.

Is it possible to make a dose on a other day?

Yes, and we even welcome such ideas. This would be a good solution if, for example, you do not want to rush somewhere and take a photo walk alone.

What exactly are you shooting for?

On Canon EOS D and N, Sony Alpha, Kyiv, Fujifilm cameras and sets of bright optics.

Do you filming on drones?

Yes, we filming, and we will gladly take such frames for you, if we can discuss it separately.

If not a secret, what is the process of photo processing?

It's no secret: first the photos go through presets and runners in Adobe Ligtroom, and then get to the unobtrusive processing in Adobe Photoshop, if necessary. If you would like to add additional processing to your photos (plastic, installation of individual elements, etc., we can discuss this).

Getting photos, videos

How many photos/minutes of video will I receive?

It all depends on the chosen conditions. To find out how much finished material you will receive, you can go to the price section.

Where and in what capacity can I get photos/videos?

Everything will be stored for 2 weeks in our closed gallery and/or in the Google Drive repository, in the best quality. When we are ready, we will send you a link (with an access password if needed) in a way convenient for you and you can download everything from your smartphone, tablet or computer very quickly and easily.

How long will my files last?

They will be kept with us forever so that we can send them to you at any time at your request. As already mentioned, they will be available for download for two weeks.

Can I get the original files?

Only photographic materials, only in .jpeg format and subject to prior warning of the photographer about the desire to receive in raw form all the successful shots.

Do you make photo books?

Yes, we are happy to make photo books to order, which we will create with you. Books can be different, so the price is negotiable and will depend on the material of the product and its content.

Prices and financial issues

What is included in the cost of services?

First of all the cost includes: hourly work of the author or two; time spent on photo/video processing; costs of equipment (maintenance of filming accessories, computers, etc.).

Should there be a prepayment?

Only if the shooting of a wedding - 20%, to accurately fix your chosen date and to make sure that it`s yours.

Who bears the additional costs?

Studio rental, additional props, services of a make-up artist, stylist, as well as shooting, travel, meals and accommodation of the photographer and/or videographer are discussed and paid separately.

Do you sign up for an contract?

The contract is concluded if: it is a wedding, content shooting, or 3 or more hours shooting process. Also, if necessary, it is possible to sign a model release.


How many people are on your team? Will you manage, even if you are just the two of you?

There are two people in our main team - Valerie (photographer) and George (videographer), but if necessary we always add other people to the camera group: the second photographer, the second cameraman, the make-up artist, etc. Our team has full mutual understanding and inspiration at work, so we can handle shooting of any complexity with three or four people.

Are you aviable worlwide?

We are very happy with a variety of proposals, and of course we are also considering them.

Do you speak languages other than Ukrainian?

Yes, we speak Russian and English, and Valeria will understand you in French, but the main language of our production is Ukrainian, because we primarily focus on the media space of Ukraine.

Have more questions?

We will definitely answer!