Val - Valerie, Geo - George...


..and ValGeo Production is our project by creative and romantic couple from Kyiv, Ukraine, created on endless love and inspiration, and on a huge love for filming.


For a long time we have been making magical pictures that loved by many so we decided to do it together shortly after we met in the dojo as sempai and kohai and started a common story. That's how we have combined our experience, efforts and love in one workshop, so that as a result we can fully delight you with their photos and films.

The desire for visual art is in our hearts, because we are a director and cameraman by education. Probably that's why almost every one of our shots, photos or videos is part of a beautiful documentary about you and your love, and the sincerity of your emotions and feelings play a major role in this amazing film.


We love to see and capture the same happiness as between us: all the wonderful and inspiring moments at work and just in life, at home and on trips, with cute looks at trainings or dates. We really look forward to have an opportunity save your happiest and unforgettable moments.



With love,

creators Valerie and George